The Financial Psychology Institute®'s Executive Circle

An exclusive financial psychology training and networking group for thought leaders and practitioners.

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Financial Psychology Institute®'Private Executive Circle Facebook Group

- Networking

- Q&A

- Business Growth

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Financial Psychology Institute®'s Specialized Educational Programs in Financial Psychology

Recent topics:

 - Financial Trauma & Posttraumatic Growth

- 7 Tips to Avoid Financial Ruin in a Crisis

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Financial Psychology Institute®'LIVE Group Coaching

- Learn from other members including some of the top financial planners, coaches, psychologists, therapists, and personal finance experts


What's Included:

1. 1-hour monthly training covering the latest topics in financial psychology facilitated by Dr. Ted Klontz and/or Dr. Brad Klontz. 

2. 1-hour monthly LIVE Group Coaching and Q&A forum facilitated by Dr. Ted Klontz and/or Dr. Brad Klontz. 

NOTE: Sessions will be recorded and made available for members for up to 3 months in case you miss them.

3. Bonus resources to help you stay on-top of the latest research and ideas to help you improve your effectiveness with clients.

4. Exclusive online mastermind group with other financial psychology thought leaders and practitioners.

5. Continuing Education credits available for the following designations:

  • Certified Financial Behavior Specialist® (FBS®),
  • Certified Financial Therapist (CFT™), and
  • Accredited Financial Counselor® (AFC®).
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-Philip Zimbardo, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Stanford University, author of the Lucifer Effect and The Time Paradox 

"Mind Over Money is a valuable resource for individuals wanting to break free from a troubled financial past and create a healthy current relationship with money that can create future financial success. It is Must reading on everyone's Now list."

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 -David Bach, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Automatic Millionaire and Start Late, Finish Rich

"The Klontzes, a father son team, have the mental answer to money."

- Editorial review for "Mind Over Money"

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- Wynonna Judd

"Mind Over Money is a lifeline for anyone who thinks of money as a way to secure happiness, love, or define their self-worth.  I know because I was driven by these unhealthy behaviors that almost put my family and me in financial crisis.  The process this book walks you through worked for me-- I now control my money-- my money no longer controls me."